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We have added historical attractions, special festivals and some seasonal events to our tours. The core locations will allow you to feel the vibe of the cities, to take part in German culture and to enjoy the lights and sounds of the typical street life.


Bavaria - Neuschwanstein Castle

Today Neuschwanstein is one of the most famous castles in Europe. More than a million people are visiting the castle every year. It is the castle of King Ludwig II – known as the fairy-tale king.

Berlin - Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is Berlin’s symbol of unity and it is one of Germany’s most important monuments. Visit this landmark with over two hundred years of history. It was here that on June 12, 1987, Ronald Regan demanded: “Mr. Gorbachov – open this gate!”

Cologne - Cathedrale

The Cologne Cathedral is the greatest Catholic church in Germany and has been Cologne’s most famous landmark for centuries. The cathedrale can be seen from nearly every point in the city. The gigantic pair of towers are more than 157m high.

Koblenz & Trier - Rhine Valley

The 65km-stretch of the Middle Rhine Valley is punctuated by countless castles, historic towns and many vineyard-covered mountains. It is one of the most heavily touristed parts of Germany. Spring, sommer and autumn are the best times to visit.

Trier - Porta Nigra

The Roman city gate dates far back to a time (about A.D. 180). The name Porta Nigra (which means “black gate”) was given in the Middle Ages because of its weathered dark color. It is the oldest defensive structure in Germany and pretty close to the Rhine Valley.


Lake Constance - Flower Island Mainau

Mainau is an island in Lake Constance were ostentatious rose gardens, a butterfly house and tropical greenhouses can be found. The flower season begins in spring but the Island is worth a visit at any time of the year. You can reach Mainau by car or boat.

The Port of Hamburg

The port of Hamburg is the biggest port in Germany and the second largest port in Europe. A visit of the port brings you to the roots of the historical past of Hamburg. Whoever plays on a Steinway Piano or purchases Nivea uses a product of Hamburg.

Dresden – Frauenkirche

The Church of Our Lady was built in the 18th century and was destroyed in the during World War II. In 1994 an 13 year long reconstruction and restoration process started. Dresden has a long history as the royal residence for the Kings of Saxony.

Meilenwerk Berlin

Built for true classic and sports car enthusiasts. You will be amazed by sports car legends like the Lamborghini Countach, Ferrari Enzo, Porsche 911 GT3 and many more. But also be fascinated by cars of Horch, Bentley, the Mercedes 300SL and others. By the way some cars are for sale…

All these and more make every Driving Tour Germany to an extraordinary experience.
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