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  • August 12, 2015
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Rental conditions for Driving Tours Germany

Minimum age and driver license procedure:

The minimum age is 27 years old. A valid driver’s license (held for at least 3
years) must be presented at the time of pickup.

Credit Card regulations:

Two Credit Cards issued on the renter
or one Mastercard Platinum
or one AMEX Gold / Platinum / Centurion
or one VISA Platinum

Insurance services:

The above prices include CDW/TP (liability reduction for damage to the vehicle
including theft). This reduces the excess for all cars to 1,500

Entry requirements:

Please note that Driving Tours Germany vehicles may not enter other European

You may cancel your DTG car reservation free of charge until 24 hours before the
agreed pickup time.
If you do not pick up the reserved vehicle and the reservation is not cancelled
in accordance with the rental terms, we reserve the right to charge a
cancellation fee of 250 € to your credit card for the costs incurred due to
logistics deployment.
Important: Your credit card will not be charged at time of booking.

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